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Who we are

For over 70 years, the Kinsmen Foundation of BC has been committed to enhancing the lives of individuals living with physical disabilities. Our mission initially began with a focus on finding a cure for Polio, but as the disease was conquered, we shifted our focus to supporting those affected by it. Today, our goal is to improve the overall well-being, independence, and quality of life of people with physical disabilities throughout British Columbia. At the Kinsmen Foundation of BC, we believe that everyone deserves a chance to live their best life, regardless of any physical limitations they may face.

What we do

The Kinsmen Foundation of BC offers direct funding to individuals with disabilities throughout British Columbia, enabling them to lead more independent lives. We also collaborate with other organizations to maximize our impact and reach as many people as possible. We have been able to provide resources such as wheelchairs, lifts, automatic door openers, and environmental control systems. We partner with organizations like Technology for Living to offer the most advanced and innovative equipment, empowering individuals with disabilities to live their lives to the fullest, improving their overall quality of life.

Supporting British Columbians for over 70 years

Taylor with his two dogs in the backyard

The Kinsmen Foundation of British Columbia has been at the forefront of supporting individuals with physical disabilities for over 70 years. Operated by the Kinsmen and Kinette Clubs of British Columbia and Yukon, the foundation is a source of pride for the Kin Family. As we look to the future, we pause to review our past accomplishments.

Commitment to the community

The Kinsmen Foundation of BC has played a vital role in improving the lives of individuals with disabilities in British Columbia. Through financial support and charitable efforts, the foundation has established several important facilities and programs that have had a lasting impact.

The Noble House and Canuck Place provide independent living and hospice care, respectively.

The Kinsmen Neurological Tower at the University of British Columbia is a globally renowned research facility, and the G. F. Strong Rehabilitation Centre stands on land donated by the Kinsmen Club of Vancouver, with continued support from the Foundation and Kin Clubs throughout the province.

The Foundation also supported the ‘Kids On The Block’ puppet program, which educated school children about disabilities, and provided funding for community and regional health centers to combat the polio epidemic.

The Kinsmen Foundation of BC collaborates closely with Technology for Living’s Technology for Independent Living (TIL) program. Together, we remain dedicated to providing assistive technology to individuals with physical disabilities, empowering them to live more independently at home and enhancing their overall quality of life.

Taylor with his two dogs in the backyard

From the community, for the community

Stephen Psimoulis rolling through doors in his power wheelchair

We do not know how to thank you enough for the support and care shown by your entire team!

We recently had an automatic door opener system installed in our home and this has been a life changer for us! Steven is wheel chair bound with minimal mobility and is not able to open the door, whether it is to let guests in, or if I have arms full of groceries, or in case of an emergency. He now has the freedom to know that if needed, from his chair or anywhere in our home that with a click of the remote, he is able to unlock and open the door giving him such peace of mind!

The team from Technology for Living was exceptional. From the first meeting, they understood the challenges we faced and were so supportive. The installers were friendly, on time and so clean! Unless you were looking for the unit, you would not even know it was above the door. The fact that this also was at no cost to us was an incredible relief as we are on a very tight income and could not have undertaken this install on our income. This is a blessing for so many like us who deal with additional expenses already due to disability. Thank you! Thank you!

We are so grateful to have connected with this incredible organization! You have given us peace of mind, given Steven independence and the knowledge that if there was an emergency and either I was not home or if something happened to me, that he would be able to allow first responders into our suite without hesitation.

There is no way to thank you enough!

Sincerely, Stephen and Lisa

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