Kin Klassic Charity Golf Tournament

Golf Picture

Kinsmen Foundation  Fifth Annual Golf Classic

Thursday September 14, 2017-Mayfair Lakes Golf Club


The 2016 Kin/BCITS Classic Golf Tournament was a tremendous success! The Kinsmen Foundation of BC  organizes this event in order to raise money for their programs. Approximately $26,000 was raised and is going to excellent causes, one of which is the ‘Electronic Door Opener Program’ which supplies automatic door openers to people in BC who are not able to access their doors otherwise, and thus “Opening Doors to Independence.”

Thanks to money raised through this Annual Golf Tournament, people with disabilities are finally able to get in and out of their homes or apartments without struggle, anxiety, and stress. They find a new-found independence and don’t dread needing to leave their home or wonder what would happen if her health declined further.

The Kinsmen Foundation of BC use the funds raised to assist people with disabilities in the community.  Nationally, Kin Canada is currently interested in helping Canadians with cystic fibrosis and here in British Columbia, their aim has moved to helping people with disabilities. The impact Kinsmen has on Canadians is powerful.  BCITS has been a collaborative partner with our Foundation for over 40 years, and is largely responsible for the invention and implementation of ‘Assistive Devices’ enabling physically disabled people to become more independent and enjoy a better quality of life.  BCITS is also responsible for the operation and management of the PROP (Provincial Respiratory Outreach Program) providing breathing support for those in need.

If you’re interested in helping Kinsmen with its worthy goal, you can volunteer to work on or support events like the golf tournament. You can also join a club in your area. Go to to find a club near you.