The Kinsmen Foundation of B.C. celebrates over 60 years of serving the needs of severely physically disabled adults throughout British Columbia. The Foundation was started by the Kinsmen Club of Vancouver in 1952 to fight and find a cure for the dreaded disease, polio. When a cure was found, the Foundation changed its focus to assist those who were stricken with this terrible disease. In later years the Foundation was expanded .to include people with disabilities.

On November 28, 2016, a new Societies Act was proclaimed in British Columbia. All reporting Societies were given a 2 year period to transition there Constitution and Bylaws in to a modern updated format. A Standing Committee of Directors of the Kinsmen Foundation with the Chief Administrative Officer have completed a revision of the Constitution and Bylaws of the Kinsmen Foundation to reflect current law and practices. The revised Constitution and Bylaws of the Foundation will be reviewed and voted on at the Annual General Meeting in Port Coquitlam in October 2017.

To that end, The Foundation Board of Directors are publishing the proposed changes to the Constitution and Bylaws and inviting comments on the revisions up to July 1 2017.

To review the changes, please click on KF Constitution and Bylaws 2017 Version

Please email your comments to Chair Scott Wood at, Director Philip Jewell at, or CAO David Owen at

The Financial Statements of the Kinsmen Foundation are available for viewing. Please click on the link below for details

Kinsmen Rehabilitation Foundation Financial Statement to June-30-2016

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