Dear Philip Jewell and other Kinsmen members,

Thank you so much for the partial funding of my new power wheelchair. 

This equipment will allow me to do my job as a Member Services Representative for Vancity Savings Credit Union effectively and to carry out the rest of my life activities including giving back to my community.

 The power elevation feature will better allow me to facilitate financial literacy workshops in the Lower Mainland. I will now be more physically visible to my audience while speaking and it will help me to reach the equipment for my PowerPoint presentations. 

At the office, I will be able to reach and operate my computer and multiple screens without struggle. Not only that but I will be able to reach the office printer and fax machine independently. 

At home, I will be able to reach the cupboards and my refrigerator. Furthermore, I will be able to do my shopping and errands much more easily and independently. The power elevation will allow me to reach such things as the debit machine and reaching shelves at the supermarket. 

Thank you for your continuous support of people with disabilities to improve their quality of life and independence. I know for myself, it will make a huge impact on my life and I’ll always be grateful to the Kinsmen Foundation for helping me purchase this equipment. 


Tammy Vanderkamp

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